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We'll save you money by repairing your PC or MAC laptop in-house so you don't have to replace it.

Motherboard Problems?

If you were told by a computer company that you need a new motherboard please call us for a second opinion because the chances are very high that we can repair it. Click here to find out why we are Toronto's favourite laptop repair centre

So much headead with your LAPTOP???

Loose or broken DC power jack?

No power (dead unit)

Motherboard damaged by spilled liquid (water, coffee, milk, juice and wine...)

Shutting down by overheating

Power up but no video (black screen)

Dim or red screen

Broken screen or lines on screen

BIOS password removal

and others...


Don't give up!  We can repair all brands, all problems AND keep your data.

A+ Hardware Certified Technicians