Dim Screen/Backlight Problems

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This is how we repair a laptop a backlight inverter


Great care needs to be taken when opening laptops. The first thing you need when repairing laptops are good tools. In the image below we show you the tools needed to fix a backlight inverter. Backlight inverters come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy these from websites  like Ebay or you can buy broken laptops and take them out out and use the spare parts. Some companies will use old inferior parts. Try to replace the inverter with exactly the same part. Here is what you will need to fix a backlight inverter. Take out the power cord of your laptop and remove the battery.


Here we are removing The sony screw tabs. There are four on this screen usually place around the 4 corners. Be careful to remove this outside plastic casing as pulling to hard will cause it to crack. take your time on this part.


Once you have removed the screws take off the plastic casing. The Inverter is nearly always below the screen. You will notice it has two connectors. One is for the input of 19volts power. There is a transformer on the inverter that converts the power up to 630 volts. Be careful never to touch the inverter with the power connected to your laptop and always remove the battery.

Look at the images below in the first image we have removed the tube connector to the internal screen. Next we connected a tube that we removed from a broken screen. The tube was still working on the cracked screen but instead of throwing a cracked screen you can use the tubes !!. Ok Here we connect the new tube to the inverter but the tube does not light up.

In the second image we remove the power cable to the laptop so there is no power at all. Then we connect the new inverter.


You will need to choose the same inverter as the one removed. Never use an inverter that is not the same as you could damage your motherboard.

The new inverter is now connected up. The power cord is plugged back in. The laptop is booted up.

Just look at that !! Wow the lamp shines like something out of star wars . This new inverter is pushing power to the tube. hooray !!


Ok So we are impressed with the new inverter now we put the inverter back the screws back and the plastic cover.

The screen now is nice and bright.