Broken Power Connector Socket

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This is how to repair a laptop power connector socket  jack pin.


Great care is needed when repairing laptops. You need patience and cannot rush a repair. The first thing you need when repairing laptops are good tools. You need a high power soldering iron for de-soldering and a lower powered iron for soldering. Below is an image of two soldering irons. In this exercise we will learn how to remove a power connector from a laptop an re-solder a new one. For de-soldering a power pin you need a lot of heat , more heat than for soldering the power socket.

Here we are removing a Toshiba power pin. You will need to remove all the screws for the laptop and remove the motherboard. If this is your first laptop you have opened just make sure you keep all the screws in order. So keep all the base screws together. Then keep all the back screws together, then all the screen screws, processor screws, finally the motherboard screws. The more laptops you open the more confident you will become. Repairs to the laptop power socket are usually the first an engineer will attempt. Below is the Toshiba motherboard we have removed.


This power pin has six pins to de-solder. On Toshiba laptops a lot of heat is needed to remove the pin.

Look at the images below in the first image we are removing the power pin. First heat up the pin with the iron. When the solder starts to run place the solder sucker close to the pin and suck it up. repeat this until you remove the pin as in the next image. The new pin is almost ready to be fitted.


The old solder needs to be fully removed. An easy way to do this is by placing the iron on one side of the motherboard and using the solder sucker on the other side. Heat up the solder, pin by pin and suck up the old solder . You will need to keep the iron on the board for about 10 seconds. Motherboards are very very strong so do not worry about frying your motherboard. You can see this is very affective from the image below.


The motherboard contacts need to be clean. In the next two images you can see the before and after the solder is removed and the pin holes now are clean and ready for the new pin.



Ok so the new pin is ready to put in place. In the image above the contacts are clean and the board is in excellent condition. Great care is taken by our engineers to look after customers laptops. We treat the motherboard like a fragile Ming vase in other words very carefully !!!.Look at the image below. The pin is now in place pushed firmly into place. Some engineers use super glue to keep it in place while they re-solder it.

Put the Iron on the pin for about 10 seconds then apply the solder to the iron while the iron is touching the pin. The idea is that the solder will flow down the tip of the iron onto the pin. Hold it there for another 5 seconds. A good soldered pin should resemble a mountain shape. To much solder is no good neither is too little. Look at the pin before you de-solder it. It will give you an idea of how much solder is needed.

At Laptop Repair UK we use super glue and silicone to ad extra strength. Dow corning is a very good make of silicone. You can buy these small tubes from a D.I.Y store. In our demonstration we used clear silicone.

The laptop power pin is now firmly in place and we can give a warranty on our repair.